Mate. Super insightful.

I can resonate with it and I can’t at the same time. You’re a brave bloke and these ‘bread crumbs’ you’re leaving will surely lead people to the promised land and fill some bellies along the way!

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Great post mate!

"Life is not a total mess, but it kind of feels like my life is being held together with duct tape. Then, because I'm feeling behind, I get anxious and stressed about trying to catch up. These feelings, and just being 'amped' all the time, affects the quality of my sleep." - I feel ya here mate.

For me, the root causes of my life feels like duct tape is holding it together is when I:

1. Over commit and try to do too many things

2. When my eating goes to shit. I start feeling lethargic, then I exercise less, and then I sleep like shit and start to feel overwhelmed because I've let too much hop on my plate.

A vicious cycle, but one I'm getting better at avoiding by saying "no" more and never getting bored with eating better.

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So beautifully written Tim.

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