Awesome stuff Timmy. Congrats on the appointment and looking forward to joining you for a few kms during Chapter 3.

Regards to feedback, you write really well mate and this was one of the most clear and concise posts I've read in a long time. Very easy to read and dig deeper to more info (via the links) without being bombarded by too many words. Well done!

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Enjoying reading back through your posts and previous chapters Tim. You have cleverly harnessed together the powerful combination of running and writing to set your own goals but to drive a higher purpose. Looking forward to joining you on the journey via writing 4 resilience.

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You’ll make a difference to people that need it. You already have!

With regards to your newsletter, I agree with Benny and I would also add keep following your gut and backing your judgment, the iterations and improvements will come over time.

Very high starting point though!

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