Celebrating the Running Rare Journey

January 2023

Managing Rare is a sub-section of my main Substack Running Rare, where I will focus more on what I am learning as a project manager. It is a role I…
Coming Soon: The Running Rare Health Fund in Partnership with Hands Across Canberra
A few months ago I felt deeply exhausted and overwhelmed. I had been running on fumes for a while. To exacerbate the problem, the end of the year was…

December 2022

As the evening cooled after a hot Australian summer’s day I ventured out for a walk. My mind quiet for the first time in a long time, I reflected on my…
Lessons, challenges, achievements, gratitude and everything in-between
Reflecting on my journey

November 2022

Matt Breen of Running For Resilience has started a powerful series on his Substack, titled Open Source Thinking. As explained by Matt, the purpose of…

September 2022

And hopefully lifting another
I want to challenge my perspective and broaden my understanding

August 2022

This week I sat patiently in the waiting area of my dentist’s clinic for my name to be called. “Tim?” a soft-voice from around the corner broke the…
How do we normalise reaching out for support?